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Selection Criteria

Requirements for Entry for all categories

  1. An artist or group will only submit one entry application.

  2. Each entry may consist of photos/softcopy of artworks/a body of artwork, with a minimum of three and a maximum of ten artworks/video/audio samples.

  3. All artists ‘works/art projects should be uploaded onto the online platform or images attached to the proposal submitted OR a hardcopy application with attached photos submitted to a selected art center for artists that have no access to computer/internet.

  4. Only original (ownership) artworks/art projects photos will be entered.

  5. Entries in any medium (video and or textual application) will be accepted: artists to send a concept note, visual artists to attach works’ imagery portfolio alongside application/concept note, motion artists to send in video clips of their films, plays, dance pieces, writers and poets to send in draft manuscripts, playwrights to send in draft scripts, filmmakers to submit samples of their works, musicians to send in audios demos of their works.

  6. NO APPLICATION FEES are to be charged by anyone; the application is completely free of charge.

Selection criteria

  1. The winning artists will be selected based on; originality, feasibility, the quality of their work, technique prowess, conceptual and thematic engagement, honest reasoning and rationale of the submitted ideas/ artists’ works /art projects in their chosen Arts field.

  2. Projects that critically address/reflect on urgent socio-political issues/ a relevant topic in society

  3. Projects that seek to build relations with new or broader audiences

  4. Projects that develop new collaborative ways of working with communities, activists, scientists and the like.

  5. Projects that bring art to new spaces.

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