Kuonyesha strength even through this COVID-19 pandemic


“I see the wisdom of a lockdown in order to contain the spread of the virus. But we have to find a way to keep the culture alive. It is not only through viruses that people die. A people also perish when they fail to keep alive the values that make them human, the wellsprings of their sanity. It may well be that it is not only self-isolation and science that saves us.

We may also be saved by laughter, by catharsis, by the optimism of being able to see beyond these times, with stories, with community, with songs. It struck me that this is a time when we need art more than ever. We need art to remind us why life is worth living. We need art to reawaken our sense of the wonder of being, to remind us of our freedom, and to highlight the things in our cultures that enable us to withstand the dreaded visage of death.” Ben Okri

Artists, all creatives and all humanity are challenged with the current situation however it is in times of adversity that all ingenuity is birthed. Therefore, there has never been a more appropriate time than now to support the arts and artists in all forms and ways possible. These very arts have the power to heal and restore as they are inspired from a place of passion, sincerity, empathy and love.

Kuonyesha which literally means “show” speaks right at the heart of Kuonyesha Art Fund which is committed to show and celebrate art and the artists through all seasons; stay true to your talents and skills and Kuonyesha strength, resilience, unity like never before. Together we will overcome this!

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Application call for proposals - November 20th 2019 - January 31st 2020

Photo copyrights and credit to; Nuwa Wamala Nnyanzi, Abdul Kinyenya Muyingo, Native Voices International, Uganda Tourism Board

To support, promote, celebrate Art and artists in all their diversity in Uganda

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