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About Kuonyesha Art Fund

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Kuonyesha is a Swahili word that means “show”.  Kuonyesha Art Fund exists to support, nurture and develop art in Africa; to promote and/or support artists to improve the quality of arts in a way that enhances the meaningful influence and participation of art and artists in the issues shaping society and public life in Africa today.

The Kuonyesha Art Fund mission is “To support, promote, celebrate Art and artists in all their diversity in Africa.”

The Kuonyesha Art Fund (KAF) is managed by CivFund and the Executive Board with support from its partners Stichting DOEN and Robert Bosch Foundation and backed by the Advisory committee comprising of reputable practicing Arts and Culture personalities in Africa.

The first year of the fund (October 2019 to October 2020) was a pilot phase, during which the Fund was open to, and deliberate, about learning and growing as it went along — learning from the artists themselves, learning from and about the art field, learning from and with the Advisory Committee, and learning from and with the partners of the fund and other stakeholders.


The survey found that majority (89.5%) of the respondents considered that the fund was relevant to them-with relevance being the extent to which the fund met its goal through support for individual artists that is, supported, nurtured and contributed to the development of art in Uganda, as well as the extent to which the fund promoted and/or supported artists to improve the quality of their work.

Kuonyesha Art Fund now in its second year; are you an artist/creative, let us Kuonyesha you!


  • To enhance the vibrancy of the art sector and in so doing legitimize what artists do

  • Seek to build bridges between and amongst artists and various art forms

  • Support artists to create for their own reasons e.g. expression, freedom, influence community, social and cultural change in various respects.

  • Nurture and build confidence amongst artists i.e. the fund recognizes artists in all their diversity and supports them to thrive in whatever they do

  • To enable artists to develop new ways of or deepen relations with the audience and/or the community


To support, promote, celebrate Art and artists in all their diversity in Uganda.


Kuonyesha Art fund will NOT support art projects that incite hatred, violence or any sort of exclusion or discrimination. In this pilot phase Kuonyesha Art fund will not support organisations

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