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Youth Champions Conference

Kuonyesha Art Fund was honoured to be part of the Youth Champions Conference this year. The conference honoured a group of young adults and youth peace champions who have become change agents in their communities and are leading the way in transforming their peers' beliefs. The initiative is a one-of-a-kind tailor-made project addressing peace and conflict and livelihood concerns among young adult and youth groups in post-war communities in in Karamoja sub-region in Uganda, courtesy of the (CECORE) Center for Conflict Resolution.

Namoe Ebokot, one of the Kuonyesha Art Fund partners for 2021, was one of the attendees. His art project uses cap-knitting and beaded crafts to encourage cattle raiders in his community to abandon the practice and engage in more peaceful activities that will allow them to become constructive and productive and live long enough to raise their children. Namoe is a major supporter of educating children because he feels that with education of the locals, Karamoja will become more peaceful and economically competitive with other regions such as Uganda's Kampala.

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