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Women in Film Business Summit

The Kuonyesha Art Fund is pleased to support women in film through its ongoing grants for filmmakers and the arts at large and to participate in the recently concluded Women in Film Business Summit: a remarkable event organized by the brilliant minds at Tassels Film led by the visionary Atusasire Barbara. In the Film industry, where courage knows no bounds, women continue to defy stereotypes and expectations.

The summit was a game-changer, igniting conversations and fostering insights that are bound to reshape the landscape for women in the film industry. The stage is set for women to take the film world by storm, with cameras ready to roll and dreams ready to take flight.

Daniel Kazibwe, commonly known as Ragga Dee, a popular musician turned politician who also serves on the board of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), underscored the vital importance of financial and digital literacy in his opening remarks. See more

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