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Preserving Tradition: Kente Weaving in Togo

Within the picturesque mountainous landscapes and lush forests of Kpalimé in the Plateaux Region of Togo, a wealth of raw materials gives rise to a flourishing artisanal scene. Artisans in this region, whether working individually, in groups, or within craft centers, engage in a diverse range of creative endeavours, from wood carving to macramé, batik, and ceramics. However, it is the intricate craft of kente weaving that takes center stage – its patterns laden with symbolism.

The rhythmic sounds of weaving tools echo through the air of a fabric studio, harmonizing with the tunes of artisans' songs. Some opt for an alternative source of inspiration, tuning in to the radio or music as they work. The weaving process demands a symphony of both hands and feet in action. Initially produced as long strips, often measuring tens of meters or yards in length and around ten to twenty centimeters (3-7 inches) in width, these fabric pieces are later expertly joined together by skilled tailors to create the wearable kente cloth. Read more

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