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Netflix Releases Trailer for First African Animated Series, 'Supa Team 4'

Screen shot: Supa Team 4

Get ready for an extraordinary escapade as four unsuspecting schoolgirls are propelled into a world of superheroes in the vibrant city of Lusaka. In the upcoming African animation series Supa Team 4, these formidable friends embark on thrilling battles against cunning villains while juggling their homework and chores. The main characters are voiced by John Kani, Pamela Nomvete, and Zowa Ngwira. There is also the option for viewers to watch using isiZulu dubbing.

Joining the voice cast is Zambian rapper and singer Sampa the Great. Additionally, actress Linda Sokhulu lends her remarkable isiZulu dubbing skills to the character Mama K.

The plot unfolds in the neo-futuristic African city of Lusaka, where a retired secret agent handpicks four teenage girls for a life-altering mission: to save the world on a budget. From ordinary schoolgirls to undercover superheroes, this courageous quartet transforms into the Supa Team 4, battling supervillains and embracing their destiny.

Supa Team 4 has been in development since 2015 when Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema emerged triumphant in the pan-African talent search, Triggerfish Story Lab. This exciting collaboration between South Africa's renowned Studio, Triggerfish Animation, and the UK-based children's entertainment powerhouse, Cake Entertainment, weaves a tale of friendship, strength, and bravery. Read more

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