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Nambi to inspire women through theatric dance production

Renowned dance artist Lillian Nabaggala will be looking to inspire four exceptional female dancers including Sharlot Kawesa, Salam Nattabi, Haula Nambooze and Rachael Nakato in a one-hour dance production titled Nambi in a major performing arts event in Kampala.

Also known as “The African Shield Maidens” by Batalo East, the event is due August 25, 26 and 27 at the National theatre in Uganda.

Together, using their choreography abilities, the five Ugandan performers are already bringing to life the stories of influential historical figures such as Ya Asnataawa (Queen of the Ashanti Empire in Ghana), Nzinga of Angola, Ahosi Mino (leader of the Dahomey Amazons), Amanirenus (ruler of the Meroitic Kingdom in Northeast Africa), and Queen Sheba of Ethiopia. read more

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