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MC Wang Jok: The Melodic Guardian of Acholi Culture, Preserving Traditions through Music

MC Wang Jok, the talented musician hailing from Gulu, a city in the Northern Region of Uganda, has been making waves in the music industry with his unique fusion of rap, poetry, and live African musical instrumentals. Born in 1989, Wang Jok’s journey into music began at the age of nine, when he listened to rap music on his father’s boombox. This early exposure sparked his passion for music and set him on a path to becoming a renowned artist.

Wang Jok’s Musical Roots: From Gulu to Global Recognition

Wang Jok describes his music as “LUO SYNTHESIS RAP UNIVERSAL,” a blend of Afro-fusion Hip-hop, Rap, and Poetry infused with elements of Luo culture. “It’s an expression of my unique artistic vision that combines diverse influences into a distinct sound,” he explains.

Wang Jok’s musical development can be traced back to his involvement in various underground groups that played a significant role in shaping the hip-hop and rap scene in Gulu City. In 2005, he, along with two others named Black Pool and Shawn, formed the rap group BNM Crew. Together, they recorded their first single, titled “Party.” Although the group eventually disbanded, Wang Jok’s musical journey continued.

In 2008, Wang Jok and his colleagues established the Underground Black Movement, aiming to create music with conscious messages. However, this group lasted for only one year. Undeterred, Wang Jok, along with two other artists, founded the “Bila Wa’ Movement” in 2009. Bila Wa Movement stands out for its unique approach of fusing rap/poetry with live African musical instrumentals such as the Adungu, Rigi Rigi, and the Xylophone. Their hit single “Lapiny,” produced and mastered by Skinny in 2013 at Infinite Records Kampala, gained significant recognition. Read more

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