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In ‘Long Distance,’ Etan Comics Brings Ten New Stories to Life

Beserat Debebe is no stranger to taking his biggest dreams and making them come true. He founded Etan Comics in 2018, and in January next year will celebrate 6 years in the business of bringing African fantasy and superhero stories to audiences around the world. Debebe, who was born in Addis Ababa and came to the U.S. in 2004, has achieved feats like creating the first range of Ethiopian comics through Jember, which was short-listed for Best Graphic Novel at the Nommo Awards, and Hawi, which gave life to Ethiopia’s first female comic superhero. His latest venture is something, he tells OkayAfrica, he’s been wanting to do ever since founding Etan.

“My goal with the company has always been to make it a center of Black excellence and the best place to find empowering stories that celebrate African history and culture,” he says. His latest project that embodies this ethos? A Pan-African comic book anthology – “a perfect way to do just that.” Read more

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