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Exploring Identity and Colourism

During the Hildesheimer Wallungen festival, Hildesheim had the privilege of sitting down with the exceptionally talented artist Nabaggala Lilian Maximillian. Hailing from Uganda, Nabaggala is an interdisciplinary artist who seamlessly blends traditional Ugandan dances with contemporary styles like hip hop, break dance, waacking, and Latin influences. Her artistic endeavours consistently revolve around the theme of identity and delve into crucial social issues.

In the interview, Nabaggala shared her artistic journey and the inspirations that fuel her creative spirit. She revealed that her latest film project, titled “Faded,” emerged from her inquisitiveness about the widespread practice of skin bleaching prevalent in African societies. Despite efforts by the Ugandan government to discourage this practice, Nabaggala discovered that skin whitening products are still readily available in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mali, and Congo. Read more

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