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Untold Stories from Uganda | Paulette Comics

If you’ve ever marvelled at how a great comic book can transport you to different worlds, imagine what it can do when those worlds are steeped in history and culture. That’s precisely the mission of Paulette Comics, where ‘A Hidden History Coming to Life’ is not just a tagline but a guiding principle. In a world where mainstream historical narratives often overshadow hidden gems of history, Paulette Comics has set out to uncover, illuminate, and revitalise lesser-known historical stories. Its mission is fueled by a deep belief in the importance of recognising and appreciating untold stories. Their distinctive approach, cultural significance, the influence of visual storytelling, and the impact they are having on readers and communities further underscore their commitment.

Paulette Comics, founded by Paula Kyabaggu, is dedicated to creating comic books celebrating Uganda’s rich and diverse cultures. This unique approach focuses on the myriad cultures flourishing in Uganda, each with its own stories and iconic figures that are integral to the origins and essence of these tribes. Paula recognised that comics, with their vibrant visuals and concise narratives, could capture the attention of younger generations, serving as a means to preserve cultural identities. Read more

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