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Traditional Ugandan Instrument to be Featured at Wiscasset Art Walk:

On Thursday, July 28, the annual Wiscasset Art Walk took place, carrying on the tradition of collaborative artwork created by the neighborhood. The Wiscasset Art Walk takes place on Friday evenings from 5 to 8 o'clock. Visitors watch musicians and woodworkers as they set up shop on the sidewalk and create unique percussion instruments.

Union native and luthier Jim Doble will brought all the parts needed to construct an Amadinda, a xylophone-like instrument native to the Baganda people of southern Uganda. Whereas traditional Ugandan instruments are constructed of hewn logos put out on banana leaves, Doble has adapted his Amadinda design to make better use of readily accessible materials, making it more playable and portable. Doble writes on his website, "People with a wide variety of musical backgrounds play my Amadindas, from 3-year-olds to world-class percussionists." They have found a home in music therapy and are hugely popular at museums geared toward kids. Doble plans to construct a Amadinda from raw wood for the Wiscasset Art Walk, praising the instrument's "Surprisingly excellent tone!"

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