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When everyone gave up on Ayoo

Agnes Ayoo up her sewing machine before work. PHOTO | EDGAR R. BATTE

What you need to know:

Triumphant. What started as a paralysis left Agnes Ayoo with cerebral palsy but she has not lived in self-pity. Ayoo is busy with her tailoring business in Gulu Town, writes Edgar R. Batte.

Before Agnes Ayoo got cerebral palsy condition. She was an able-bodied person. She could play netball and attract applause from spectators. Before she sat for Ordinary Level (O’ Level) examination, her right hand and all the way down to her leg started getting paralysed.

Her parents sought medical attention to check what the matter was, with hope of a cure but the efforts did not yield to anticipated success. Ayoo was stopped from going to school for two years.

Her parents expressed hesitancy at supporting her in school because, with her condition, there seemed no hope for her to realise much as an educated woman in the working world. Read more

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