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A curator’s talent on a grand show

Solo exhibition by Ismael Katerega

From his home in Nairobi, Tewa Thadde has been an artist-in-residence and pop-up curator since the shuttering of Polka Dot Gallery.

While working with his friends at the Organic Farmer's Market and the Kilimani Project Foundation on his current exhibit at Nairobi's Kilimani Primary School, he was able to hold the show in his own art gallery space.

Tewa tells BDLife after the official opening of the new Gallery on May 21 that he and Ismael [Kateregga] had planned a solo exhibition of his art as a follow-up to the last one we had for him at Polka Dot. It was during this time that Ismael had met Organic Farmer's Market co-founder John Scully, who had already begun collecting the Ugandan artist's oil paintings and was happy to promote them.

Once Scully and Tewa teamed up with the artist, Tom Herr was hired to build the walls on which Tewa would hang Ismael's art and works by 11 Sudanese and Ugandan artists in another wing of the new Kilimani art gallery by Scully and his business partner Dennis Andaye.

Ishmael's 35 paintings now fill three-fourths of Tewa's new gallery space.

If you ever in Nairobi endeavor to visit the new Kilimani art gallery.

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