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Pina Bausch Fellowship featuring Lilian Maximillian Nabaggala |A kuonyesha Art Fund Partner 2021

The Pina Bausch Fellowship set out in 2022 to support face-to-face encounters once more. Recognizing the opportunities provided by digital formats, the Fellowship sought to support a broader range of formats in addition to international, on-site fellowships, such as local and virtual collaborations, as well as hybrid formats. The Fellowship adapted to applicants' individual needs and interests by providing a variety of collaboration formats. It gave them the freedom to design appropriate collaboration formats that would aid in the development of their distinct artistic signature.

At the start of the year 2023, Kuonyesha Art Fund's very own Nabaggala Maximillian Lilian enrolled in the three-month fellowship. During the duration of the fellowship, she will collaborate with Kettly Noël, Haitian choreographer, and director of both Dense Bamako Danse festival (MLI) and Port-au-Prince Performance festival (HTI) as well as of the Donko Seko Choreographic Centre (MLI). Lilian’s interest is drawn to Noël’s political approach to dance, exploring and transgressing dated ideas of ethnic identity and womanhood.

Recently Nabaggala, participated in the Fari Foni Waati Dance Lab and Festival in Bamako, Mali, Africa, as part of the program. She performed a dance piece entitled Aw Danced! Awn Baby yan!” (“Welcome! We’re In Here!”) curated by Wanjiru Kamuyu, an Associate Artist at L'Onde and performance choreographer who Nabaggala would be shadowing for the remainder of her journey.

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