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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Rachel Magoola Woman MP Bugweri District and renowned Afrigo band Vocalist features in an international initiative song called "One Human" The song was written to unite the peoples of the world through music and show that we are all truly connected as one. The proceeds from the song will benefit UNICEF.

The song features 123 musicians and 17 instrumentalists from 110 countries. This song will be released on Friday July 16, 2021 in honor of the UN Nelson Mandela International Day Weekend.

"One Human" is a call, at a crucial time in history for the international community to come together and rebuild relationships, diplomacy, and compassion through music .it tells the collective story that no matter what our

Racheal Magoola

differences are, we must all seek empathy and understanding for each other through the shared bond of co-existence and experiencing the human condition.

Rachel Magoola says "I was so humbled by the invitation by Graham Czach to be part of a first truly global collaboration. The message that we are one as human beings comes at a time when the global pandemic proves we all need each other in bad times but in the good times too.This song has confirmed to me music is a truly universal language."

This is a precursor of Rachel Magoola's latest album release due in August having produced six solo albums, Inhaife in 1997, Tyenda Wundi in 1998, Tonyiiga in 2000, Atwibembe 2001, Songs from the Source of the Nile in 2005 and Eisadha in 2005.

The song is now available online from 16th July 2021 attached is a link for your listening pleasure.


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