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Launch of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Creative Industries | 2 -Day Symposium

The Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Creative Industries, a non-partisan Uganda Parliamentary forum created for the advancement of culture as a key tool in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, was inaugurated on 31st of January 2023, by the forum Chair, Honorable Racheal Magola, a women's representative in Bugweri District.

The forum will provide guidance to the government in developing appropriate legal, policy, and institutional frameworks, which will include:

1. Robust Laws, policies, and institutions.

2. Access to diverse funding and investment opportunities.

3. Government policies and initiatives that promote cultural and creative industries.

4. Support for education and training in the arts and related fields.

In regard to available artist opportunities, Mr. Kaggwa, a symposium participant, mentioned that there was a 500M local content development funding program for about four projects in the creative industries. He encouraged artists and creatives to endeavor to apply. He went on to say that as part of the forum's initiative, the forum intends to purchase equipment to support the film production industry.

"The fight against piracy is ongoing. People continue to air translated non-Ugandan movies or films, despite the fact that many filmmakers do not want their work to be shown commercially. The control over which films are shown has been limited. Mr. Kaggwa is one of the participants.

He also emphasized the adoption of new business models and the development of systems that are sustainable but aimed at an international audience, as technology is essential if creatives are to fully adapt and benefit from the creative industry's ever-changing needs.

In references to the new tax laws for artists and creatives Mr. Edward representing the Commissioner General of Uganda revenue authority had this to say, "As long as you earn income that's not exempted from tax then you are demanded to pay tax. Producers, event managers, promoters, and upcoming musicians are all sector players."_ Mr. Edward

Hon Racheal Magoola expressed gratitude to Uganda Airlines, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), Kampala Seran Hotel, Microfinance Support Center, Private Sector Foundation, Bakumpe Trails and Safaris, Afro Mobile Uganda, NTV (Next Media, Cornifer Paker for their collaboration and unwavering support during the launch.

“It is with great pleasure that we close the two-day symposium organized by the Parliamentary Forum for Culture and the Creative Industries Forum. It is our maiden activity, and I am overwhelmed by the goodwill exhibited by the association leaders that attended the symposium.” _ Hon. Rachel Magoola

More information about the launch can be found at:

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