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Kuonyesha Art Fund is managed by CivFund and CivSource Africa, an independent advisory organisation that seeks to refine the practice and footprint of philanthropy in Africa for authentic civic engagement, with support from its partners: DOEN Foundation of the Netherlands and Robert Bosch Foundation of Germany. It is strategically guided by an Advisory Committee comprising reputable artists and cultural practitioners, namely, Emily Drani, Dr. Charles Mulekwa, Abdul Muyingo, Nuwa Wamala Nnyanzi, Sarah Nsigaye, and Bernard Tabaire. The overall CivFund under which Kuonyesha Art Fund is one of the funds implemented, is guided by an Executive Board. See more

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Aligning the Ugandan Arts Economy for Sustainability.

By Trevor Mukholi. Kuonyesha Art Fund the arts and culture arm of CivSource Africa convened a symposium to discuss the sustainability of the Ugandan arts economy, the symposium panel had on it Teesa B

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