IT IS JUST A GOAT! The Proposed Solution To Uganda’s Creative Industry

By :Sylver Kyagulanyi

In the year 1999, at the dawn of my music career, I was working with Diamonds Production, a music band which was then owned by Kato Lubwama, the current Member of Parliament for Rubaga South. We used to gig all-over the country, performing from village to village, while travelling in a mini – bus, a Coaster – DCM.

One fateful day, while travelling through the villages of Gomba, in a haste to get to our next destination, we ran over a pig (hereafter referred to as a goat for purposes of this story). Our driver, commonly referred to as Muudu, our preferred short-name for Mohammed, quickly stopped our prized bus and slowly reversed to the scene, after all, it wasn’t a big matter, it was just a goat. More

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