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‘Hunger in Africa’: Shedding Light onthe Invisible Struggles of OrphansCongratulations Raymond

In a world where countless stories go untold, where the voiceless are left unheard, there are filmmakers who bravely step forward to amplify the unheard narratives. Raymond Ocakacon, a Kuonyesha Art Fund Partner 2020, has produced a powerful film that exposes the hidden anguish endured by orphans, particularly those with disabilities, in Africa. This poignant creation, aptly titled ‘Hunger in Africa’, has garnered significant recognition, including an Official Selection at the esteemed 2023 Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF). SWIFF, the largest student film festival worldwide, received an overwhelming 13,000 submissions from filmmakers representing 120 countries. Amidst this fierce competition, Raymond Ocakacon’s film emerged as one of the compelling and impactful voices, earning the privilege of being featured at SWIFF 2023. Read more

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