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Earning through the art of film that tells the stories on Gulu’s bitter past

Daniel Komakech (centre) directs a movie during a shooting in Gulu City. PHOTOS | EDGAR R. BATTE

What you need to know:

  • Daniel Komakech attributes his commitment to the arts to the stability Taks Centre allowed them to have, first by being welcoming and then having enough spaces for them to perform and showcase their abilities. The biggest challenges he has faced has been access to funding and equipment.

The lady was related to the landlord. In Daniel Komakech’s mind was the urge to expose the experience of the young lady and her story became the premise upon which his inspiration to make film was born.

Komakech went to school, pleased his parent with a degree but deep down, his heart continued beating for something else, other than the business degree he had acquired. He has a strong urge to tell stories through film, which allows him to relay experiences people would relate with. Read more

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