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Collaboration between artists and local communities in Africa can help initiate a grassroots transit

Common Life, Zimbabwe and Uganda, Drawing by Charity Atukunda

"Artists in African countries are increasingly organizing themselves into collectives," says Molemo Moiloa in a video interview from Berlin, where she’s in residency until March 2023 as a follow-up to Documenta, the five-year international art arena. "This makes it easier to connect with people in the community and to take action." At Documenta her installation Madeyoulook, created with Nare Mokgotho, attracted huge attention.

The impetus for the conversation was the Common Life research project commissioned by the Dutch Doen Foundation and led by Moiloa. Across five countries - Zimbabwe, Uganda, Senegal, South Africa and Mali - researchers spent eighteen months looking for points of contact for bringing together artistic practices and society. What connections exist between people, their environments, history, nature and urban realities? How can these connections feed artistic practice? What (new) perspectives do you encounter when it comes to encouraging the desire for radical change and actually moving people to do so? Read more

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