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#BBCProms Set By Cynthia Erivo

Born January 8th 1987, Cynthia Erivo was born to two Nigerian parents in Stockwell, South London. The actor, songwriter and singer taught herself how to play piano despite not knowing how to read music. Cynthia started her career as a theatre actress. The lights first shown on her in the stage production of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and later made her presence eminent when she appeared in the stage production’s Broadway rival The Color Purple 2015-2017.

She ventured into film in 2018 with her debut film Widows and Bad Times at the El Royale. She has since featured in a number of movies among which are Pinocchio (2022), played Aretha Franklin in “Genius” Aretha: Respect (2021) among others. Cynthia’s acting and singing have earned her a Daytime Emmy Award, Grammy Award and Tony Award. She has also received two Academy Awards nominations, two Global Awards nominations, Primetime Awards Nomination and two Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations. What makes Cynthia Erivo outstanding? Is it the ability to act? Her voice? Or both?

Erivo’s voice is so compelling and enticing it has seen her perform on the world’s biggest stages.She sung Stand Up a song she wrote together with Joshuah Brian, at the 2020 Oscars. She also performed at the Wicked In Concert: A Musical Celebration of the Iconic Broadway Score that is hosted annually by PBS. In addition Erivo will star in the movie Wicked that will be released in 2024.

More recently she stunned audiences at the BBC Proms, an 8 week Summer Season Orchestra of Classical Music concerts. This saw her gain further recognition and audience globally. “Cynthia Erivo might be just over 5ft, but her voice is so powerful it could knock over a rhino,” _ The Guardian. It is safe to say that this enchantress is a force to reckon with. We can’t help but keep our fingers crossed as we see this star light up the sky.

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