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Arinitwe rallies youth for lasting plastic pollution-free generations

A sculpture of a fish chocking on plastic bottles on Gaba Landing Site. PHOTO | PROMISE TWINAMUKYE

What you need to know:

  • Peter Arinitwe’s paintings are tailored towards creating awareness on plastic pollution. His art pieces have taken him to different parts of the continent and Europe. He has made sculptures such as giraffes, lobster frogs in different countries, all covering plastic pollution.

When the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed on Ugandans, it came with cleaner air due to fewer fumes from vehicles. What about littering? There were fewer people collecting garbage, especially from low-earning communities.

Peter Arinitwe, who likes to call himself an artivist, saw that as an opportunity to spring his long-time skill into action in the community.

‘Plastik Talks’ was the project he embarked on and like the name suggests, its objective was to deal with plastic pollution to avert a catastrophic probable future of extinction of flora and fauna.

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