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Arinitwe Peter takes on a new Residence program courtesy of The Flip Flopi Project Kenya

Arinitwe Peter, a Kuonyesha Art Fund Partner 2021, was accepted into The Flip Flopi Project Kenya's new Residence program 2023 at the Heritage Boat Building Training Centre in Lamu, Kenya. He is a Ugandan artist who is passionate about social and environmental justice. A true environmentalist and artist. He has captured the attention of local communities, policymakers, and the media with his stunning installations in efforts to combat plastic pollution.

The residency aimed at providing participants from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda with the knowledge and skills needed to better understand what the circular economy means in practice. The two-week residency covered the ins and outs of plastic, how to use Precious Plastic Technologies to transform waste plastic into beautiful things (like furniture), and what else could be and would be done to turn the ‘Take-make-throw' system into a circular and better system. Participants also learned the fundamentals of boatbuilding and were assigned to work on their own project, as well as the opportunities the topics covered providing for their professional development.

"We're learning about plastic recycling, the techniques used to build beautiful sailing boats using materials like Flipflops, getting in to creative thinking of how waste can be turned into wealth. This is pure artivism at work. Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" _ Arinitwe Peter

For more information about The Flip Flopi Project visit link:

For more information about Precious Plastic Technologies visit link:

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