How To Apply

Who can apply?

The Kuonyesha Art Fund acknowledges that there are numerous types of Arts in Uganda, and therefore, the fund will focus on the following categories:

  1. Visual Arts (e.g. Painting, sculpture, weaving, fashion, woodcut printing etc.)

  2. Literature (including publishing),

  3. Audio-Visual (graphics & animation)

  4. Dance & Music

  5. Theatre and Film

  6. Folklore/Spoken word

  7. Arts research

  8. Combination of arts disciplinaries

  9. Other

Application Process


Online process

  • Go to  https://civfund.smartsimple.com

  • Login/Create Account if you do not have one.

  • Click on Kuonyesha Art Fund Call.

  • Follow instructions with in the application form on how to apply.

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