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Grant Categories

The Art Fund grant award sizes and Disbursements

Grants funds will range between 4,000,000/=UGX - 20,000,000/= UGX. This will be disbursed as follows:


  • Established Artists & groups – up to  20,000,000/= UGX

  • Artists Push Fund – up to 12,000,000/= UGX

  • Emerging and/or New Artists and/or Ideas – up 4,000,000/=UGX

  • Collaborations or initiatives that foster artist collaborations (that may straddle the above 3 categories)- up to 20,000,000/= UGX



The following three levels are identified as below and will not compete for the same funding

  • Beginners - Below five years

  • Middle career artists - Below 10 years in the field

  • Established artists - 10 years plus in the field

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